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Explore the city at night with the Budapest Pub Crawl. If you just arrived to Budapest and looking for something crazy to do, then look no further.  Leave the planning and thinking to us, we will take you to the best places the city has to offer.

You will get the best introduction to Budapest’s buzzing nightlife all while getting to know some of the local culture and trying out local beers and spirits. 

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Unlimited Drinks
for a Full hour


We don’t settle for just sipping beer and neither should you ! We have the perfect plan to start the night out hard. First off with an open bar and drinking games.

The Budapest Pub Crawl Unlimited Drinks Package also includes Beefeater Gin, Havana Rum, Sierra Tequila, Vodka and mixers like Coke, Fanta and Sprite as well, which means unlimited long drinks! All for a full hour at the first bar we visit.



Party until sunrise in Budapest’s Biggest Club

Seen videos of super long club queues? We understand that no one wants to wait in line. While with the Budapest Pub Crawl ticket you have VIP Skip-The-Line access to the infamous Instant-Fogas Complex. Hated by neighbours, loved by ravers the place easily earned it’s title.

We finish the tour here around midnight in downtown Budapest’s largest club that houses seven dancefloors, each playing different genres of music and eighteen bars inside.

With so many options everyone can find their floor to dance or spot to chill until the morning. The club is open until 6 AM every day, so there’s plenty of time to go wild !


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Meeting Point

The Budapest Pub Crawl starts in front of the Lutheran church on Deák Ferenc square
The tour starts nightly at 21:00, don’t be late!


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Budapest Pub Crawl Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any rules?

Zero tolerance for rude behaviour, no singing or yelling on the streets.
We offer alcohol included in the ticket price, we ask you to be aware of your limits, enjoy the drinks but do not over do it.

  • Are there any age limits?

Everyone who would like to attend the tour must be 18+.

  • What is included in the open bar?

Unlimited vodka, gin, rum, tequila, beer, wine and mixers for one hour. You can ask for a vodka-soda or whiskey-coke, but unfortunately no cocktails.

  • I lost something on the tour, what can I do?

E-mail us or call us as soon as possible. We will do our best to help you find whatever items went missing. However Budapest is akin to a black hole, so we cannot guarantee anything.

  • How long does the tour last?

The tour itself is about four hours long. How long your night lasts will depend on you, the club where we finish is open until 6 AM.

  • Why is it called a Pub Crawl?

Because by the end you might end up crawling instead of walking.

  • Is there a dress code?

We do not enforce a dress code, but the club might. Just don’t wear anything too crazy.

Furky was great! Great experience and got to see the best of party-Budapest!
Furky is an amazing guide. He is very passionate about his job and acted very friendly towards everyone! The tour was fantastic and met our expectations!
Luke Nuttall
Class night, took to local places i wouldn’t have gone myself would definitely recommend, Big thanks to Furky he made the night
Ryan Elston
Furky made it unbelievable for us - what a guy! Lots of class bars and ended up being the best night of our trip. Lost of love. Also, get Luke a job!!! ❤️
Tom Hetzel
It was an incredible night, furki was an amazing host and we had a lovely time meeting everyone and walking around the different pubs :))
Jason Hertz
Furky was a really fun Pubcrawl host. I enjoyed the whole night. Would recommend 👌
Kater Tobi
Awesome beard love this guy 😍 Furky all the way. Best night ever 🎊
Leon Aves
awesome time, furky is the best host
Ciara Baker
Great night!
Benedek Nagy
Highly recommended!! 🤩🥳👍🍷🍾🧉🍹🍸🥃🥇



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